Kristina Huls – Director of Operations

Kristina Huls – Director of Operations

Kristina is the Director of Operations and has been a dedicated part of the Twin City Realty team since 2015.

Kristina started working in the rental industry in 2006, where her love of real estate and property management quickly flourished. Because of her background working with properties, she brings an organized, detail-oriented approach to managing the fast pace of day-to-day operations in the TCR office.

Kristina also directly communicates with Twin City Realty agents, clients, and cooperating agents, as well as, managing communication with TCR’s investors.

From small questions to large requests, Kristina is your go-to girl when it comes to support!

Office: 217-373-2700Mobile: 678-620-6130Fax: 217-373-5181